If you are seeking love, crystals will help. Place a large piece of Rose Quartz in the Relationship corner of your house (farthest right rear corner from the front door) or beside your bed. Because of the powerful energy created you may want to add a piece of Amethyst to regulate the attraction. 

Crystals can also be used in ritual. You will need four pieces of Rose Quartz and a large Amethyst, You will also need candles and candleholders. These could be made of Rose Quartz but is not necessary.

1) Place your crystals and four candles on a table covered with a silk cloth. Place one candle to the north, welcoming the spirits of that direction as you light it. Then do the same on the south, east and west side of the table. 

2) Take your Rose Quartz crystals into your hands and face the table. Close your eyes and quietly take in the energy from the crystals. Feel the energy flowing from your hands, up your arms and into your heart. As it reaches the heart, feel your heart open and expand. Touch the crystals to your heart. Rose Quartz is a powerful heart cleanser and healer, so allow your heart to be purified by the energies of the crystals.

3) Then say out loud: "I am a magnet for love. I welcome love into my heart." Place the Rose Quartz around the Amethyst on the table and say out loud: "And love into my life." Sit quietly and focus on the crystals. When you feel you are ready to complete the ritual, blow out each candle in turn and say: "I send your light and love into the world." 

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart, teaching the true essence of love. Rose Quartz encourages you to love yourself. You cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself. It aides in self forgiveness and acceptance, invokes self trust and self worth. If worn on the heart it works best.

Amethyst is a protective stone and is a natural tranquilizer. It helps to find focus and self control. It promotes emotional centering and balances out highs and lows. Amethyst calms the mind and enhances intuition. Amethyst is best worn on the heart or throat.

Rose Torres
10/08/2014 9:50pm

Can this ritual be done with multiple people? If you could let me know that would be amazing.


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